Diamond Series UPS 3Ph 10-40kVA

True On-line Double Conversion Diamond Plus UPS Series has been designed to backup various applications. Small data centers, medical lab equipment, light industrial facilities all require highly reliable and consistent UPS back-up.


Diamond Series Brochure
Diamond Series Owner’s Manual 
Facility Planning Guide
10kVA UPS Drawing
15-20kVA UPS Drawing
30-40kVA UPS Drawing
Non-Matching BC14 Battery Cabinet
Non-Matching BC25 Battery Cabinet
Economy Maintenance Bypass
Maintenance Bypass w/ Kirk-Key
High AIC Maintenance Bypass w/ Kirk-Key
Diamond Series UPS- Extended Battery Cabinet Runtimes 


  • Power Walk-in Function:  The Diamond Series is designed to have flexible power walk-in by way of adjusting the power walk-in time. This setting will optimize generator sizing and reduce the impact to the AC source.
  • Parallel Operation w/ Common Battery:  The system can be operated in up to six units in parallel. Parallel UPS systems can share common battery packs, which will greatly reduce the footprint and expense to reach the same back-up battery requirements.
  • Conformal Coated Boards: Conformal coated boards allows for the Diamond Series to be used in “light industrial” applications. Boards that are conformal coated include the Main PCB, Bypass, Charger, Parallel and Joint boards.
  • Powerful Charger: The Diamond series has a powerful built-in charger to support long runtime applications. With this unique charger, large capacity or multiple battery cabinets have a reduced footprint.


10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 30kVA 40kVA
Capacity 10kVA / 10kW 15kVA / 15kW 20kVA / 20kW 30kVA / 30kW 40kVA / 40kW
Input Voltage (range) 208VAC (+30% / -17%)
Phase 3 Phase 4 Wire
Frequency Range 46-64Hz
Power Factor ≧ 0.99 at 100% Load
Input THD 1% at 100% Load / 2% at 50% Load
Output Voltage 120/208VAC
Phase 3 Phase 4 Wire
Frequency Sync Range 50/60Hz
Output THD ≦ 2% at 100% Linear Load / ≦ 4% at 100% Non-linear Load (PF≥0.8)
Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Overload – AC Mode 100%~110% for 1hr / 110-130% for 1min / >130%: 1sec
Overload – Battery Mode 100-110%: 30sec / 110-130%: 10sec / >130%: 1sec
Current Crest Ratio 3:1 Max
Transfer Time – Line to Battery 0ms
Transfer Time – Inverter to Bypass 0ms (when phase lock fails, < 4ms interruption)
AC Mode 94.0%
Battery Mode 92.5%
ECO Mode 97.0%
Battery Voltage 240VDC 3W (+120/-120)
Internal Batteries 20 x 9AH 40 x 9AH 60 x 9AH 80 x 9AH
Dimensions WxDxH 9.9″W x 26.2″D x 32.7″H 11.8″W x 33.9″D x 40.1″H 23.6″W x 36.1″D x 65.9″H
Weight (lbs) 209 398 508 811 833
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (the battery life will decrease when > 25°C)
Operating Humidity <95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude ft (m) 3,280ft (1000m)
Acoustic Noise Level < 54dB at 1 meter
RS-232 or USB Supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8/10, Linux, Unix, and MAC
Optional MODBUS Supports MODBUS for Industrial Applications
Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser
Safety UL 1778 / IEC 62040-1
Environmental FCC Title 47, Part 15, Subpart B