Titanium Series UPS 2-4kVA

All Titanium Series UPS units include an internal isolation transformer. This rugged design ensures consistent, reliable power quality to all instruments.


Titanium Series Brochure
UPS Drawing
Non-Matching Battery Cabinet Drawing
Maintenance Bypass Drawing
Maintenance Bypass w/ Kirk-Key Drawing
Titanium Series UPS Internal Battery Cabinet Runtimes- Various Loads 


  • Isolated Transformer:  All Titanium Series UPS units include an internal isolation transformer. This rugged design ensures low common mode noise and low normal mode noise.
  • In-rush Capabilities:  The Titanium Series UPS systems include a high in-rush capability. Supporting an overload for 150% will allow the user to properly size their UPS.
  • Customized Back Panels:  Back panels are customized per customer. Allows for specific designs to ensure all power requirements are supported.
  • External Maintenance Bypass Systems:  External Maintenance Bypass Systems are available in two types – isolated and non-isolated version. Consult factory for recommendations .



2kVA (L) 2kVA (H) 3kVA (L) 3kVA (H) 4kVA (H)
Capacity 2kVA / 2kW 2kVA / 2kW 3kVA / 3kW 3kVA / 3kW 4kVA / 4kW
Input Voltage (range) (L) 120VAC – (H) 208/220/230/240VAC/ +28%/ -15%@ full load
Phase 1 Phase with Neutral
Frequency Range 46Hz ~ 54Hz @ 50Hz system, 56Hz ~ 64Hz @ 60Hz system
Power Factor ≧ 0.99 at 100% Load
Output Voltage (L) 104/110/115/120VAC, (H) 208/220/230/240
Phase 1 Phase with neutral
Frequency Sync Range 46Hz ~ 54Hz @ 50Hz System, 56Hz ~ 64Hz @ 60Hz System, (Batt Mode) +/- 0.1% Hz
Output THD ≦ 2% at 100% Linear Load / ≦ 4% at 100% Non-linear Load (PF≥0.8)
Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Overload – AC Mode 100%~110% for 1hr / 110-130% for 1min / >130%: 1sec
Overload – Battery Mode 100-110%: 30sec / 110-130%: 10sec / >130%: 1sec
Current Crest Ratio 3:1 Max
AC Mode 90%
Battery Mode 88%
ECO Mode 97%
Battery Voltage 240, Nominal, 270 Float
Battery Backup Time 2kVA =25min, 3kVA = 15min, 4kVA = 11min @ 100% full load
Quantity 20
Recharge Time 7 hours at 90%
Internal Batteries 20 x 9AH 20 x 9AH 20 x 9AH 20 x 9AH
Dimensions WxDxH 9.8″W x 28.2″D x 32.5″H
Weight (lbs) 266
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (the battery life will decrease when > 25°C)
Operating Humidity <95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude ft (m) 2,000ft
Heat Dissipation (BTU/Hr) 1264 1264 1264 1264 1686
Acoustic Noise Level 55-60dB at 1 meter 60dB at 1 meter
RS-232 or USB Supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8/10, Linux, Unix, and MAC
MODBUS Card Power Management with MODBUS communication
Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser
Safety UL 1778 / IEC 62040-3-2
Environmental FCC Part 15J, Class A